How to Activate/Subscribe International Roaming in NTC?


Nepal Telecom SIM card works in outside nations with the membership of wandering help. Nepal Telecom (NTC) has begun a worldwide wandering help in 2001. Albeit the assistance was accessible in GSM postpaid help just, Ntc presently financially dispatches the wandering help in Namaste paid ahead of time. Prior they just made a delicate send-off of the meandering assistance is paid ahead of time. Here, in this post, we will give how to take/initiate/prefer global wandering on the NTC SIM card.

Nepal Telecom
Nepal Telecom

Worldwide Wandering help permit a client to get to the portable organization while they are out of their nation of origin. Assume, you take a Nepal Telecom SIM (with wandering assistance empowered), then, at that point, you can gain admittance to versatile organizations there. The expense of utilizing the wandering call, SMS, information is costly when contrasted with different calls produced using the nation of origin.

How to take the roaming?

To activate/subscribe to the roaming service in NTC GSM prepaid SIM card,

  • The customer needs to dial *1415*7# and activate the international roaming to enable the service.
  • Customers can also use the Nepal Telecom App to activate the roaming in their number.

To take the international roaming in NTC GSM postpaid SIM card,

  • First, you have to visit their counters at the NTC office.

  • Then they will ask you to fill a registration form for roaming.

  • Now you have to deposit Rs 10,000 into your account. Before the deposit amount was Rs 30,000.
  • Then your SIM card will have the international roaming facility to use NTC services in a foreign land.

Cost of International roaming in NTC

The expense of global wandering help is costly when contrasted with the utilization in the nation of origin. It will likewise set you back additional to get back to Nepal. Essentially, you likewise need to pay for getting approaching calls. The cost of active calls, approaching calls, and SMS changes from one country to another. NTC likewise says the cost might change because of the fluctuating dollar rate. The approaching SMS administration for the wandering number is for nothing.

To begin with, the worldwide meandering in paid ahead of time was accessible to India and China just however presently they have stretched out the accessibility to six nations. The nations where Ntc paid ahead of time can take wandering are India, China, UAE, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia.

The expense of calling to nations aside from home and the nearby nation is Rs 137 every moment. The expense of calls each moment while being on global meandering (to nearby and home) goes from Rs 30 (India) to Rs 135 (Other Asian nations). Additionally, the expense of active wandering SMS goes from Rs 24 (India) to Rs 54 (China). Observe the expense of worldwide wandering in the Ntcpostpaid help.

Data roaming

Presently Ntc has likewise empowered information wandering help in global meandering. Prior they could utilize voice and SMS administrations. Every one of the clients who empower worldwide wandering will get the information administration while being in unfamiliar nations.

The information meandering assistance is presently accessible in 14 nations including India, America. Observe the rundown of nations with the Ntc information meandering assistance and furthermore the expense.

They are known to add more nations with the information meandering assistance. Ntc postpaid clients could utilize the versatile assistance with 192 administrators of 87 nations. In this way, every one of the nations with wandering administrations will have an information meandering office before long.

Let us know what is your take of the global wandering help in Ntc in the remark box beneath?

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