Which are the best in both BLOGGER VS WORDPRESS?


Blogger VS WordPress is good, friends if you want to create a website and you know it is very important because to create many platform free websites on the internet, WordPress, Blogspot, Tumblr, Wix. There are many more Weebly,

But more people choose Blogspot and WordPress, choose blogger to sell website for free, people who are new do not know where to build their website, then benefits will get more, about blogger or WordPress better my opinion Are going to tell

Because nowadays, a lot of people have questions in their mind, create a blog on WordPress or read this post on Blogger well, you will know,

Which are the best in both BLOGGER VS WORDPRESS?


In this, will you tell about 5 good features and five bad features about Blogger and WordPress?


  1. Easy Template customization: - It is easy to customize the template by creating a website on blogger, CSS HTML and JAVAScript blogger XML file programmings are done in a template, called Extensible Markup Language (XML) in which data is stored,
  2. Free Web Hostings Forever: - The good thing is that we always provide free web hosting for us, where our blogger keeps his article file image, his blogger does not take a single penny,
  3. Blogger Free Template: - On Blogger you get more free templates, which do not have to be paid, Premium Blogger templates user buy very little,
  4. Very Secure your Blogger: - Blogger's security would be very strong, Hackers can save your blog from hackers, no one can easily hack your blog, because bloggers are the properties of Google,
  5. Free Full Backup Option: - This means that you can make a backup of all the file articles in a free post,

Regarding Blogger, which I like about the 5 best feature, there can be more, know what are the Deficiency in Blogger


  1. Not SEO Friendly: - Blogger SEO friendly Not at all SEO plugin for the blogger you will not get and it takes a lot of time to rank a blog in Google
  2. Note Access To Your Root Folder: - Root Folder called it where all the files of the website are collected, where we can not go and access, because Google has,
  3. Can Disable & Delete Your Blog Any Time: - It is very dangerous, your blog will be deleted anytime, why should you have millions of visitors on the blog,
  4. Speaking any plugin on the blog: - In selling the website on Blogspot you will not find any trusted plugin, no plugin is found well on the blog,
  5. Judging Have Good Customer Support: - You will not find any support in this, if you have any problem, you can only contact in the blogger forum, which takes a lot of time to reply to,

I Hope Blogger's Good Feature and It must have been known without the bad feature, but there may be more, but we have shared our Opinion,


  1. Self Hosted Platforms: - In this, according to you, you will get extra plugins for every less in full template customization use WordPress, because you have self-hosted and you will have full control,
  2. Premium Professional WordPress Themes: - In this, you will get the very best template. WP Theme Design is good when not in Blogger
  3. SEO Friendly WordPress: - There are WordPress SEO blogs, by installing All in One SEO Pack, Yoast SEO Plugins, you can bring your blog to Google Search Rank very quickly,
  4. WordPress Extra Plugins: - Very free plugins are available in WordPress for different things, whereas there is nothing like this in bloggers.
  5. Access to All File & Root Directory: - The Root The directory is the file where all the contents of the blog are stored, while in Blogger all such data is not with Google,


  1. WordPress security is not good, my eyes are just lack of security, while Google does not have it, all the responsibilities of WordPress is on you and one where you bought hosting, but you have some extra tips to make WordPress security better. Which you can follow, I will share with you in few days,

Blogger vs wordpress 5 Difference Point, I hope blogspot or wordpress is good, you might have found it,

 According to me, if you want to blog about this, you have absolutely no idea what blogging is, it would be best to create a blog on Google's Free BlogSpot, when you want to run your site, then move on to WordPress.

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