New Method to Check/Query Bill of NTC Landline


NTC, after upgrading to a conversion billing system, provides a new method for checking/querying Ntc landline phone bills. The new method is quite convenient as it can be done via SMS, which is an add-on IVR method. You only need to find the proper format for the landline and the available credit/balance will be sent as an answer. Get all relevant information about Ntc landline phone such as number structure, maintenance number, and check below.

New Method to Check/Query Bill of NTC Landline
New Method to Check/Query Bill of NTC Landline

What is a landline?

First, we clearly define a landline phone. A landline phone is a telephone system connected to a copper wire in your home and a fixed phone wire. In technical terms, landline phones are called PSTN, which is for public switched telephone networks. Some others call it a fixed phone.

Although landline phones began to decline over the years, businesses prefer it because it improves sharing, connection reliability, and quality of service.

There are around 7 lakh landline users in Nepal for PSTN only. Nepal Telecom (NTC) is the only operator in Nepal that provides landline service here. Find important numbers or codes in Ntc that are useful for acquiring various services or subscription features.

Landline number structure

Here is the landline number structure of Nepal Telecom.
  • A landline number is 9 digits.
  • It includes area code starting from 0 and the number.
  • You need to add +977 and the area code (without 0) in case you want to use the number internationally.
  • Earlier we could identify the area where the number is from but these days, it is very difficult due to the mix-up of the number in any area.

Landline maintenance number

To complain about the issue in the Ntc landline and to ask for maintenance, you need
  • To dial 198 and follow the IVR instruction, dial your number with the selection of the category of the problem in your phone.
  • After the record of your complaint in the IVR, you need to put your mobile number to contact.
  • Nepal Telecom will then call you on your mobile number for the area and the type of problem. Then they shall visit to solve your problem within two or three days. If the problem takes more time to resolve, they will inform you of the same. Find all of the NTC customer care numbers for inquiry or maintenance issues.

How to check landline bill/balance?

The method to check the NTC landline bill/balance through SMS is as follows.
  1. Go to your message box
  2. Type CB*LandlinePhoneNo ( which should contain the area code with 0) and send it to 1415
  3. Then you will get the SMS reply from Ntc with the bill.
For example: If you want to check the bill of the Ntc landline of Kathmandu, you need to send a message of the format CB*01PhoneNoOfKathmandu to 1415. Similarly, for Biratnagar, the message format is CB*021PhoneNoOfBiratnagar.

The reply message from NTC will be of the format:

“Dear customer, your due amount is Rs …. and your available credit is Rs …… “

As they say, the billing system is now real-time, we estimate the amount to be billed immediately. This means that you will receive the exact due and available credit at that moment. Credit refers to the balance available in your telephone number account.

So if you feel that your balance has gone below the credit limit, then you will have to recharge the balance of your landline phone to avoid blocking the service.

  • By IVR method, You can also check the landline bill by dialing 1606 and follow the instructions for the specific month or all pending bills for your number

Soon, they will add more methods and features for checking and subscribing to the balance or bill. NTC will also update the bill check through the web portal along with the self-care portal.

Hope the post on the query of the Ntc landline bill helps you find the required amount needed to pay for your telephone. If you need additional information, comment below.

Be sure to check all the information about Ntc recharge and PIN recovery system.

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