How To Make YouTube Video Viral - 10 Best Method 2019

Today I Want to learn You how to viral YouTube video? I will tell about it. How to increase view on YouTube videos faster? How to bring views on YouTube video? etc. The characters we struggle to get views on its videos after making a YouTube channel, but still, we can not get views, meaning they do not get traffic on YouTube. For this, we will tell you today how to make your YouTube video easy viral, I will tell you 10 better ways that you have a lot of work.

How To Make YouTube Video Viral - 10 Best Method 2019
How To Make YouTube Video Viral - 10 Best Method 2019

How To Make YouTube Video Viral - 10 Best Practices

Analysis of Trending Videos

First of all, you must watch the video that has been viral on youtube and you have to upload it by creating a video of yourself on the subject by looking at what video the video has been viral on the last 24hrs.

First 48 Hrs

For your YouTube Video Viral, you should get maximum views on your video 48 hrs. I can bring your views on your video by promoting your video and Google marketing.

Use Google Trends

Google trends is a free product of Google so that we can see the trending topic, by using it, you have to see what is the latest trending in India and it is to create a video on the subject.


If there are comments on your videos, then all comments to comments are also viral due to the overwhelming comments.


You will need to get paid ads, promotion, and the help of some YouTubers and bloggers as much as your video will share.

Likes And DisLike

If you have more than 80% likes on your video then your video can be viral and if there are more dislikes on the video then that video will never be viral.

Video Quality

To make the video viral, video quality should be good if your video quality is good, so people will love your video and your video goes after the chances of being viral.

Video Length

The video only takes you up to 5-7 minutes and try so long, I want to teach people something so people will love your video more.

Average Views Duration

To make the video viral, the viewer does not need to watch your video completely if your viewer has seen more than 60% of your video, even if your video is viral.

Learning From The Best

Before creating the video, research the subject on which you are making the video, and learn as much as possible on the subject. I hope you have known how to do viral youtube video if related to this article There is no question so you can ask in the comment box.

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