How to Add HTTPS on Blogger Blog for Free Complete Guide

How to Secure Blogger Blog: Hello Friends In today's article, we are going to tell you how to secure your Blogger blog on Blogger and how to put https free.

How to Add HTTPS on Blogger Blog for Free Complete Guide
How to Add HTTPS on Blogger Blog for Free Complete Guide

How to Secure Blogger Blog Free

We all know that Blogger is a service provided by Google so you can create your own identity on the Internet by creating your blog in Free. Now that Blogger is Google's product and Google does a lot of Focus on its security, it's very hard to hack a blogger but it is said that your security is in your hands. All things should be done to keep your blog safe and there is no problem on your blog, so you have heard about https which you can make your blog Secure by putting it on your blog.

How to Secure Blogger Blog from https

https means Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Service that secures your data so that no one can steal your website data. By using this, your blog's coding and data become secured because most hacking data is due to theft so you can secure it by using https on your Blogger Blog.

How to add https to Blogger Blog

Adding Https Security to Blogger Blog is very easy. You can only secure your blog by following some basic steps and by activating the https service on your Blogger Blog.

Step 01 - Login into Blogger Dashboard

First, you log in to your Blogger Blog.

Step 02 - Settings

After the Dashboard is open, you see in the Left Sidebar, you get an option of Settings. First, click on the Settings option.

Step 03 - Basic

When you go to Options, you will find a list where there are so many options, you have to click on Options in Basic of those options.

Step 04 - HTTPS

You will now have a new page open in front of you, if you scroll a little bit of this page, you will get an option of HTTPS. You will get an option of No in the form of Yes as shown in the image, let it be Yes and Save Changes Click on Option.

Now you can add Https to your Blogger Blog, if you open your blog and check you're Secure in front of your website URL, then you know that your website has now become Secure.

Note: Now if you add a custom domain to Blogger and want to add Https, then you can not do this because it is your Custom Domain.

Question: How to put Https on Adding a Custom Domain to Blogger?

Answer: You can not use https with the custom domain when you use Blogger. There is no way to do this so far.

In Conclusion

You can secure your blog by adding https to your Blogger Blog, so if you use Blogger, you can use this service in Free and can secure your blog.

We hope that the information we have shared with you will be very useful to you and you will be able to secure your Blogger Blog easily. If you have any other questions related to Blogging then you can also ask us in the Comment Box. Keep Visiting

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