How To Get Google AdSense Account Approval 2019

Google AdSense Account Approval is about to tell you how to do in this post in 2019, After reading this post, your 100% Google AdSense account will be approved.

How To Get Google AdSense Account Approval 2019
How To Get Google AdSense Account Approval 2019

Before making a Google Adsense Account, do you notice this?

If you have created a blog or website and you are refusing to accept Google Adsense, then I am saying Adsense Account Approval Trick 2019. Your application will not be rejected, Google AdSense is not a big issue, you just have to go through the AdSense Program Policies and Terms If you read well about Conditions and you will not have any problem: In getting permission from Google Adsense

  1. Content guidelines - You should be well aware of what Google Adsense content policies are,
  2. Writing this related post will not accept adult and mature, copyrighted, violent, and hateful content AdSense.
  3. The Adsense Account Application will be Disapproved; Additionally, your website should not have any copyright content.

How To Get Google AdSense Account Approval 2019

We have already explained how to create an Adsense Account and how to earn money by creating an Adsense Account Account! But this post is telling me how to get Google Adsense Account Approval in 2019.

01 - Website Design

First of all, you have to customize your website, a good Simple and Professional theme/templates are to be included in your website, 25 Free Premium Blogger Template has been given, downloading a mobile friendly responsive website,

02 - Use Custom Domain Name

I see a lot of website free domain name registration .ga .tk .ml free, so it's a bit of trouble. You will get the top-level domain name. COM.IN .NET work in Pose, how should I buy first in Godaddy domain rs 99, top domain registration should be 6 months old domain name, my experience a month old domain Gets the name,

03 - Write High-Quality Content

What we write our article is King, what is High-Quality Content, and how to write High-Quality Content, which means writing posts that are different from others and do not require a copyrighted article stolen from you. Writing a heading paragraph voice post on your website, which gives the user a favor, and does not steal by visiting a website, write something different and write your own.

04 - Create important Page

If you want a Google Adsense account soon, you must create important Page like About me, Contact us and Page Privacy. These pages must be on our website.

05 - Submit Your Website to Google

I do daily website reviews that come with messages from Adsense rejected webmaster tools guidelines. For this, you need to first verify your website on Google Web Search Console and create a website sitemap, which we have explained, how to create a Sitemap.

Extra Tips

Google Adsense account approved Get the best 5 tips for your blog quickly found out Well like - Genuine and High-Quality Content Write Website, User-Friendly, Categories, Menus, Footer and Header with care, Adsense alternatives means advertisements for a company.


In this post, you can tell how you can apply your Google Adsense account as soon as possible. Have 5 ways to show that, with the help of the AdSense account, if you get rejected, it is not getting approved. After reading this post. The Google Adsense Account Request will be successfully received from.

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