How To Add Multiple Blogs To An Adsense Account

Google Adsense - Online Earning is the most preferred Google Adsense but according to Google Adsense Policy, you can not create Multiple Adsense Account for Multiple Blog. So if you want to place Google Adsense Ads on more than one blog by earning them, then you can place Adsense Ads on that blog by adding another blog address to your Approved Adsense Account.
How To Add Multiple Blogs To An Adsense Account
How To Add Multiple Blogs To An Adsense Account

Along these lines, you can add Different Web journals to a Google Adsense Record and you can build your Web-based Procuring by setting your Adsense Promotions on it.

Guidance: Don't make another Adsense account when you have an Affirmed Adsense Record, in such a case that Google Adsense distinguishes this, at that point, it dislikes both of your Adsense accounts.

So you can make Numerous Sites to Gaining All the more Yet Adsense Record Don't Make. Rather, you can likewise add numerous Web journals to your Google Adsense Record by expanding your Web-based Procuring.

How to Add Multiple Blog on One Adsense Account?

To Include Numerous Blog One Adsense Record, you need to pursue the means given beneath.

Step 01 - Most importantly, make a Blog and Make on a similar Email Id as you have made a Blog from the Email Id with the goal that you get the new Blog and the URL of that blog.

Step 02 - After creating a new blog, you log in to your non-Hosted Adsense Account and click on the Settings option in the Left Sidebar.

Step 03 - Now a list will open in front of you in this list, you will get an option of My Sites. Click on the option of My Sites.

Step 04 - In the wake of tapping on My Locales, another page will open. On this page, an image of "+" will show up as appeared in the picture, tap on the image of + you.

Step 05 - Now you have to paste your Blog / Website URL.

Note - You can get this URL in www. Do not use.

Presently your New Blog has been added to your Adsense Record yet your blog isn't yet checked a direct result of this you won't gain Acquiring from your blog. You have to Check your New Blog to Procuring from your New Blog.

How do Verify New Blog in Google Adsense?

Tap on the URL that you have added to the new Blog in Adsense, at that point the URL will show up before your URL and you will likewise be given a Tick Box in that place. Tap on the case, now it will begin demonstrating the confirmed verb at the non-obvious place.

Along these lines, you can add New Blog to your Adsense Record and check it with the goal that you get Procuring Begin from your new Blog.

Presently you can add AdCode to your blog by making New Advertisement Join by visiting Include Unit and Gaining from your New Blog.

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